Saturday, October 10, 2009

Typing From Home Job

Wow! I found a great site that you can make money from that if you like typing. I was browsing my favorite site that is a member of the Better Business Bureau,, and found some interesting stuff. is a great site to become a member and make money. I read this on their FAQ page:Once you're part of the eHow community, sign up for our Writer Compensation Program and then start writing. Once you're an eHow community member and enrolled in our compensation program, all of your articles are automatically eligible for payment. If you have anymore questions about how this works go here eHow FAQ

You have to have a PayPal Account if you don't have one click here to sign up.

Then I found another great way to make money online by typing at home no experience necessary, just accurate typing and some speed typing at Daily Transcripts. This is the first question on their FAQ page:

Generally $400 to $600 per-week if you accept a good amount of work, but it also greatly depends on our work flow. Those who excel at As-Broadcast and Continuity can make much more."

I just signed up it is pretty easy, and this site I found on, it is free to join and since eHow is a member of the Better Business Bureau if found this a good site.

Check them out and let me know what you think about it or just comment on this post.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Get Paid Helping With Home Work

It's a website that allows anyone to get tutored and get paid for tutoring others. I've got to tell you, this site is a way of earning money and helping students out.

Anyone can come along, including us, and post questions that they'd like to get assistance with. It could be help with tutoring, proofreading, research, or technical questions.

Along with their questions, they're offering "bounties"--anywhere from $0.25 to $250.00--as an incentive for other folks to provide tutorials for their question. In short, it's easy to get tutored and learn on Student of Fortune.

Anyone, including us, can offer tutorials and earn those bounties. Put simply, there's an easy opportunity for us to get on the site and earn money helping others. It doesn't take a rocket scientist or skilled teacher to realize what a great opportunity this is for us to help people with their course work or our course work and earns some money.

So, check out their website at Sign up. Get help with a few questions, or earn some money helping others. See you there. :D