Monday, April 5, 2010

How To Make Money Online, What They did Not Tell You

I finally found it. What they didn't tell me about making money from home, that it is easy to do, no secret, nope none.

You can make money without spending money, not a get rich quick overnight, but you will make money. PTC, GPT, Paid To Post, Transcription, MLM and Paid to Read Emails.

PTC (Paid to Click). The thing you do is get paid to view advertisements for 30 seconds or less, some pay well and some don't but you will get paid.

Click Sense



These are some listed here and many more out there I am sure.


GPT (Get Paid Today): You get paid to complete offers, some are free and some offers you pay to join. Either way you will make money everyday from this also.


Cash Pirate

Coaster Cash

View this video on how to complete offers on GPT sites Here


To make money today from these sites join watch the video tutorial.

A ways few to get started out with if you really want to make money quick online. This truly works. Beside it is all free you won't loose a dime, will gain more than a dime.

Good Luck In All Your Endeavors!