Thursday, March 25, 2010

Earn money for surfing the net with FusionCash...

Earn money for surfing the net with FusionCash...

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Monday, March 22, 2010

My Favorite Paid To Click (PTC) Programs

PTC what is that? PTC stands for Paid To Click, that is exactly what you do. Get paid to click on advertisements, nothing to buy, just click and get paid.

You can earn cash for viewing 30 second advertisements, free to join, which is the only way I will participate. Plus you get a sign on bonus for some of them.

How You Will Earn:

• First you register and receive your bonus on some of them
• Chose the advertisements you want to view
• Share free memberships with other people and make cash
• View 30 second advertisements
Sign up, join, get bonus then start PTC'n that's it, easy to earn.

List of PTC Programs:


To get paid fast and safe you need to set up a PayPal account. Go to free to join.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Get Paid For Writing Short Articles

Still looking for a work at home job? Real Writing is hiring. They are looking for some people to work from home writing short articles.

If you don't mind writing some short opinions, this is the perfect opportunity for you. Get paid to write short articles.

The companies they work with are well known. Real Writing recruit people to fill thousands of jobs for companies like; 20th Century Fox, Paramount Entertainment, Google, Ford Motor Company and more every year.

Many of these jobs are simple online writing tasks, proof reading simple documents,blogging about a recent movie you saw, commenting your opinion on a certain kind of car and more.

There has been an explosion in the need for online writers, regardless of skill. They are interested in you honest genuine opinions when you are writing about their company or their products.

They figure to make more money they need more exposure. Companies are fighting for more exposure on the Internet.

Real Writing are accepting new members. If you are looking for work or need to make some extra cash, come check out the jobs available. Click on any link or banner in this article.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Cash From Multiple Streams of Income

Well I know it is hard to earn money from home. Here is a way some work at home people do it to earn money. Earning from multiple streams of income. This will keep money flowing and from different steams.

I know if you ever had a job working at least 40 hours a week and and receive a paycheck every week or every two weeks you see the money adding up.

Sometimes working from home the money do not add up that way, so you kind of need to perform work from multiple ways to make it all add up. I don't like to say work for multiple companies, you are working for yourself.

I always say I am working on my home business, and multiple streams of income adds up this way. I have found some real ways to make cash and pretty quick too. The first one is Cash Pirate as you can see the banner above. This is only part time work like once or twice a week. The next one is Coaster Cash works the same, the banner is below.

To complete offers and making cash, takes only a few seconds, I really means a few seconds to complete the tasks. That is why you see so many tasks completed. You get to choose what type of tasks to complete the higher the tasks you complete the more money you make.

You can get paid daily at the most, after you are verified, which is easy to do also.

Just click on the banners and sign up to start making cash.

There are more to come on the next blog, which will be soon, sign up on my followers list and I will introduce you to more ways to bring in cash fast through multiple streams of income.