Saturday, June 11, 2011

Getting Paid for Writing Articles on Associated Content

Write for Pay

Sometimes things happen that you didn't plan, no matter how well organized you are and how hard you work. You may need a quick infusion of cash to pay for an unexpected expense or for something fun . Writing a few extra article for others is one very popular option to generate some quick cash.

Not getting paid up front for writing content for your website or blog that you already write? You hope that your sensational turns of phrase will inspire people to buy your products or recommendations, but sometimes there are not enough nibbles or even no bites at all.

That is when all of that talent you have can be put to further good use. Yes, you can write articles for Associated Content and get paid for it.

Getting Started

You may know a lot of this information already if you are an online business owner. You may already write and submit articles to article directories as a way of marketing your web business. Guess what? There are sites out there that will pay for similar content that's original.

Let’s take a site like Associated Content for instance. When you sign up (for free) and set up your account, you become a content producer. Content producers write articles and are paid depending on how popular those articles become. We'll use Associated Content as an example, but there are many other sites similar.

So, first, you start to gather article ideas. Take a look around their site. See what types of articles are published on the site that readers like and what subjects have been overdone. Avoid those subjects that fall into the last category as your pay won’t be as high for them.

To create a steady stream of income, create a mix of evergreen and popular content. Evergreen content includes articles that appeal to just about anyone at any time: “How to Clean Your Oven” or “Choosing a Plumber.”

One thing that this site also offers is cash for page views. Even after you have been paid for your article upfront, you can also get paid over and over again depending on the number of times people click and view your article. If you are socially connected on sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and others, you can post links and inform friends about what you are doing to increase your numbers.

Getting Higher Pay

As a business owner, you know that there are always ways to improve a plan. When you include little “extras” in your article, it appeals to more people. One idea for extras is to add pictures. Illustrations, especially a picture of a product you are reviewing gains people’s attention. They will come back for a second look and click on the link.

Optimizing your articles with one or two keywords can help to rank that article higher in the search engines. Not only can friends and fellow content producers read your work, but other web surfers will find your information in Google, thereby increasing your articles’ page views – and therefore, your pay.


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